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Permanent Make Up



Things to Know

  • Permanent Makeup is a form of tattooing.
  • Touch-ups may be required.
  • Clients must wait 30-45 days minimum for a touch to be performed.
  • Full lip colors will take more than one appt.
  • Application can be uncomfortable or even considered painful, depending on the pain threshold.
  • Pigments can and will fade.
  • Pigments will heal a different color than when they were applied.
  • There may be an immediate or delayed reaction to pigments, but that doesn’t guarantee that there will be a reaction to the entire procedure.
  • Infections can occur without following proper post-care
  • For those having lip procedures,if you have prior problems with cold sores/fever blisters (i.e., herpes- a communicable virus), you could have an outbreak after the procedure. It is recommended to refer to a physician prior to the procedure for prevention
  • Lips, you will see microscopic disruptions to the skin similar to the skin’s natural healing process.

Shine Semi-Permanent Foundation

Optional Contouring, Highlighting, Blush and lip color

Shine is a skin-enhancing non-invasive, reasonably quick, painless procedure that offers instant results! It is performed with a nano needling machine. Serums composed of semi-permanent tinted creams are paired with beneficial ingredients and then put into the upper layer of skin, creating an instant glowing effect that can last several weeks to several months, depending on the number of sessions. It does not contain Titanium Dioxide! Benefits include:neutralizing free radicals, restoring even tone and radiant complexion, reducing skin discoloration, effective skin enhancement, improved skin tone, wrinkle improvement, which will not clog pores, unlike traditional bb creams or foundations. All Shine Serums are customized to offer clients skin tone, highlighting, contouring, blush, and lip color needs. Includes cleansing, microdermabrasion, Shine infusion with nano needling, and accelerating masque with LED.

Lip Blushing

Lip Blushing is a procedure in which your technician uses a tattoo needle to inject pigment into the lips to create a naturally brighter appearance. Color is discussed and chosen for the desired look. This service provides a beautiful hue to the lips that can correct shape and make lips appear fuller. This typically lasts from 1-3 years.Full Lip, Liner, or Ombre services are available.

Saline PMU Removal

With a Saline removal technique, tattoos will become lighter and may probably fade entirely over time. This technique is safe for all skin types and is safer with less risk of hyper/hypopigmentation. The skin may be tattoed after completely healed. Clients can expect the tattoo to become lighter. However,1-4 sessions are usually required for desired results, with six weeks in between for healing. Treatment is charged based on the area of removal per session. Touch-up sessions are not included in the removal price.

Eye Liner

Pigment is injected into the eye area to create a look of eyeliner or lash enhancement. Top lash, Bottom Lash, both upper and lower services are available. Includes first touch up.


Pigment is injected into the eye area to create a look of natural hairs or powder. One color or ombre is available. Includes first touch up


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